Four people in a group meditation in a yoga studio. Their hands are at heart center and their eyes are closed.

Meditation Instruction & Mindfulness

Nourish offers individual and group meditation instruction at studios, in private or corporate settings, and online. Contact us to learn how to begin a new or support your current meditation practice.

Meditation is a way to look within ourselves, free ourselves of judgement, discover our inner resources, and alleviate the “noise” of our very busy days. Many people believe they don’t have the time to sit quietly and meditate. Yet, when our meditation practice becomes a habit – and essential part of our day – we discover that it seems like we have more time in our schedule to do with as we please. When the physical, psychological, emotional, and relational benefits are so great, why not give it a try?

While Eastern traditions have had meditation practices as the “norm” in their societies, Western science is now recommending mindfulness and meditation because it has proven to:

  • Positively alter the structure and neural patterns present in the brain and increase vital grey matter
  • Reduce the effects of aging by increasing the anti-aging hormone DHEA
  • Reduce stress
  • Boost the body’s immune function and provides more restful sleep
  • Decrease depression, anxiety, and anger
  • Lower blood pressure, hypertension and cholesterol levels
  • Aid in weight reduction
  • Help in overcoming addictions
  • Improve communication and satisfaction in romantic relationships
  • Help parents feel less stress and more satisfaction with their parenting
  • Help children feel less anxious and happier, and benefit socially and academically

Actually, some of the best benefits of meditation are hard to define — you begin to understand yourself better, for example, and form a self-awareness level you’ve never had before. You’ll find that the greatest benefits of meditation show up when you are not meditating – you don’t react to situations like you used to, your relationships are deeper and more meaningful, you are happier and healthier. Most simply, sitting for just a few minutes of meditation is an oasis of calm and relaxation that we rarely find in our lives these days. And that, in itself, is enough.

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Current Research

You’ll find current information on meditation on our blog.

Parents who have a regular meditation practice feel less stress and more satisfaction with their parenting, and children are less anxious and happier when maintaining a meditation practice. Children also benefit socially and academically through a mindfulness practice. You can read a summary of research findings on meditation and parenting here.

Mindful Magazine has a great in-depth article, “Meditators Under the Microscope,” about the scientific study of meditation and mindfulness.

Maria Shriver did a segment on The Today Show on how mindfulness is going mainstream to improve health and wellbeing.