Stress Less. Live More.
How to Work Less but be More Productive

Get Your Om On.
Learn the Scientifically-Proven
Benefits of Meditation and
How to Start a Practice of your Own

Decrease Healthcare Costs.
Increase Productivity.

How Ayurveda can Help your Bottom Line

Trust Your Gut.
How Ayurveda Can Interpret What Your Body is Telling You

It Is All Inside.
Accessing Your Inner Pharmacy
Through Ayurveda

What Goes In Must Come Out.
How an Ayurvedic Diet Can
Change Your Life

Snooze Factory.
You Can Have a Fantastic Night’s Sleep with Ayurveda

That Tastes Awful!
Learn How to Digest Your Relationships with Ayurveda



Rochelle Barcellona and Nourish Mind Body & Spirit will work with you and your audience to:

• Understand the mind – body – spirit connection that leads to vibrant health & happiness
• Banish stress and its adverse mental and physical health effects
• Decrease corporate health costs and increase productivity
• Unlock creativity and increase productivity
• Develop a daily routine that promotes health and happiness
• Learn how your body and its senses can be your own inner pharmacy
• Get a consistently wonderful night of sleep
• Understand that you digest more than just your food, but your relationships and experiences too
• Trust your gut! Your body tells you what you need to hear
• Learn about the six tastes and which you should emphasize in your diet



Rochelle will meet with you to find out what issues are important to your company or organization, for what problems you may need solutions, etc. She will then customize one of her speaking topics specifically for your audience. Your audience will be entertained and informed at the same time. Rochelle has been speaking in front of audiences for more than 20 years and is known to be approachable, friendly, entertaining and with a sly sense of humor. She loves to educate audiences on the benefits of Ayurveda because it has made such a big impact in her life.

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